Covers with Josie esparza

La Muerte Del Palomo Cover Ft. José Alfredo

Mariachi Sirenas featuring the very talented José Alfredo. A tribute to the one and only, El Divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel. Que en paz descanse.


Mariachi Sirenas - La Reina es El Rey

Mariachi Sirenas,Chicago's First All-Female Mariachi, performing at Dia de la Concha



Watch as Las Tres Papitas enjoy a night out under the stars by a cozy, warm fire. (1).gif

Tres Papitas Animation

This video combines my love for design and music. Bringing and animating real life objects was the goal of this video. Las Tres Papitas, or The Three Potatoes, get together to play one of my favorite songs, Te Metiste. 


Piano Animation

This animation of the song Found Someone combines music, illustrations, transitions, and custom made sound effects. The goal was to capture the mood of the song through color and to accurately display the notes played in the song.


Composition Animation

The elements of the animation were taken from some of our earlier printed works. Pieces that were not intended to be made into an animated sequence and that had a variety of elements. The goal was to create a smooth transition within each piece and also a transition between the pieces.


Title Sequence Animation

Emphasis of this animation was placed on both creativity and planning through the development of storyboards and the integration of type, image, and audio components taken from elements within a movie.


Instrument Animation

This piece was inspired by the instruments that I play combined with my fascination for flat design and smooth transitions.


Coming Out of the Shadows - OCAD Animation

This animation was created for the Coming Out of the Shadows event in Chicago, hosted by OCAD, Organized Communities Against Deportations. The elements were taken by the poster I designed.


Coming Out of the Shadows            - FUA animation

This animation was created for the Coming Out of the Shadows event at UIC, hosted by the Fearless Undocumented Alliance. The elements were taken by the poster I designed for the event.


Vinyeti Application Presentation

When presenting our App to the clients, I found it extremely helpful to show how certain elements would move, how the user interacts with the app, and navigation through the app. This is extremely effective because it gives the clients an idea of the how the app works and feels without having to spending so much time in constructing and coding it.